LIFE = KNOWING that you ABIDE IN Jesus Christ and HE Abides in you!

December 2022

As We Let JESUS Have First Place Within Our Hearts!

November 2022

Starts By Denying What Self Thinks IN Every Situation.
The Power of HOPE (Rom.5:5) Knowing God is Working in us!)
Faith Comes When God Reveals

October 2022

Knowing GOD Intimately!
Seeing the Heavenly in the midst of the Common

September 2022

The Power of HOPE (Knowing God is Working in us!)
Experiencing our death with Christ gives Power to Obey!
Nourished BY THE LIFE of CHRIST!
You IN ME AND I IN You (John 14:20b)
A Disciple that Meets Christ’s Requirements - (Matt. 16:24, 25)